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A narration of the present through luxurious materials, unique creative and artisanal skills, and a strong sense of aesthetics.

Elegant and sophisticated, the elements and the accessories create harmony and recall nature in colours and materials.

The change of seasons means opening the closets and reorganizing the memories. It is the perfect occasion for a shake-up of our daily life: it evokes everything that happens outside, in the light, in the time relentlessly passing by.

The style of bedrooms reflects living areas with contrasts between well defined shapes and soft profiles.

Ambition, new research, new fabrics, new tailor cuts.

Changes, impulses, trends. Halley offers bedrooms with refined details, a mix of modern and eclectic elements that complements taste with the right amount of eccentricity.

Exclusive fabrics disclose through natural, delicate pastel colours, while curvy lines irresistibly catch the eye.

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