Rivivere Project EN

Rivivere Project

Since the birth of our company, we have always distinguished ourselves for high quality, strong passion, craftsmanship, originality,  research and renovation. And it is these last two, research and innovation, which, combined with our respect for the environment have allowed us to see luxury from a different point of view. It was sufficient to move in just a bit. Thanks to technology we own today, we have a better understanding of how to recycle our waste.  Therefore, this has become our way of life. This is because we have one planet earth and it is changing – very rapidly. We need her as she needs us.

“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.”
Andy Warhol



We have always taken care to recycle, in particular to higher PET plastic because, from the beginning, it was environmentally friendly. From the waste, we have the raw material to create high quality fabric from our range.

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During the creation of RIVIERE project, we were lucky to discover new ways to recycle materials such as cotton. Once this is processed, it can be recovered to almost a 100%. As a result of this, we decided to start a new project called New Cotton.

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